BinxBox FAQs

How do I subscribe or order a single box?

You can click on the “Subscribe” link on the homepage or the link in the navigation bar to be directed to our subscription page. You can choose either a subscription or a single box from the links on that page.

Do I pay every month or every other month?

You will only ever pay for boxes on the months you will receive one. Payments go through on the 1st of each applicable month.

If I sign up today, when will I get my first box?

You have until the 15th of each month to receive the current month's BinxBox as your first box. After the 15th, your first box will be the following month. We offer subscriptions every 1 month, every 2 months, & every 3 months. You can look at our subscription page to see more details on each.

Where do you get your hay from?

Small Pet Select! We use 2nd cutting hay, which is the most popular & good for the majority of rabbits to eat. If you order through our partnership link: Our Hay, then you can get 15% off your first order too!

How much hay comes in a box?

We use only a handful of Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting hay, to give some smell & flavor to the boxes, which bunnies love. It is not enough for a full bunny meal & is only meant as garnish to the overall box.

What comes in a box?

Each box gets 4-5 unique toys, a bag (between 1-3 oz.) of an herb mix hay topper, & a bag (between 1-3 oz.) of treats, usually dried fruit. You can see our gallery page for photos of past boxes.

How many treats or herbs can I give my pet?

While bunny diets should be kept low in sugar, dried fruits or baked biscuits are great for occasional treats or rewards while training. House Rabbit Society recommends approximately 1 teaspoon per 2 pounds of body weight daily.

Many dried flowers, herbs & other plants are great for sprinkling on hay to add some variety without adding any calories. Your rabbits will love sampling the snacks we send you, which can include papaya, blueberries, dandelion, lavender or other tasty surprises.

What kind of toys do you use in your boxes?

Our toys are specially curated & tested by BinxBox to ensure quality & safety for bunnies & other small animals. These toys are made from wood, willow, seagrass, & other natural materials. Any color is vegetable-based natural food coloring, often sealed with coconut oil.

Can my pet chew on the packaging?

BinxBoxes are shipped in a bun-edible corrugated cardboard box, sized to fit most bunnies if they want to use it as a napping spot, or to build the bunny castle we know they deserve. Every box packed with high-quality, second-cut Timothy hay, so your bunny will know it's just for them.

My rabbit has special needs, can you accommodate them?

For rabbits who have dietary needs, we have a treat-free option for our boxes. Instead of our treat bags, you will receive an additional toy instead. For other special needs, we will try to accommodate where we can, but cannot build BinxBoxes to individual needs unless you order a single box.

We also now offer hay-free boxes for pets & owners who might be allergic to Timothy Hay!

I have a YouTube/Instagram/etc. account about rabbits. Will you send me free stuff in exchange for reviews?

We get this request a LOT. While we want to support people who love rabbits as much as we do, we are not looking for any sponsor relationships at this time. But we do welcome any reviews about BinxBox to help us learn & grow more as a small business!

Do you ship to Canada/Internationally?

Yes we do! As of July 5th, 2022, we ship anywhere in the world for only $15 USD!

How many rabbits does one box serve?

It depends on your rabbits. Some of our customers have 4+ rabbits & order two boxes to have enough for all of them. Others have only 1 or 2 very young bunnies who might also need 2 boxes because they need more stimulation. For most bunny households with average bunny ages, one box can be enough for up to 3 rabbits. Also remember that with a subscription, you will get new toys all the time, so you can & should change out toys to keep your rabbit’s interest.