The Mission

BinxBox has been in business since 2016; starting with the mission of providing worry-free toys & treats for bunnies & guinea pigs as a much safer alternative to toys found in most pet stores. We were shocked to see so many contain elements incredibly dangerous for any pet to ingest.

With each new toy, we put it through our “Break test” to unearth any hidden glues, wires, or other unsafe materials that our pets could be easily harmed by. We confirm all ingredients in our treat & herb bags with exotic vets & our bunny communities. Our top goal is SAFETY for bunnies, with a lot of enrichment & variety to keep them stimulated & happy. 🧡

Who I Am

Hi, I'm Kendrah! I've been volunteering in animal rescue for over 15 years & worked as a Graphic/Web Designer for several years. In 2015, I adopted my first rabbits after months of research & learning about bunnies. I wanted to get all kinds of toys & learn what my bunnies liked, but was overwhelmed by how many unsafe toys filled the small pet sections in major pet stores. I found some online & local resources that were safe & wonderful, but sometimes there wasn't a lot of variety & you had to go to several different websites to get a good spread. Places like Amazon could be a toss-up; sometimes you got the real (safe) deal, sometimes not.

Why Subscription Boxes?

Subscription boxes were a great way to try things out without spending time weeding through multiple sources. I had them for myself & my other pets but was there anything for bunnies? At the time, there were only 2 in the UK, who sold very similar products & took weeks to arrive. That got my gears turning...

Because I can't leave a question unanswered, I wanted to find out how to build my own: What would it cost? How would I start? Does anyone even want this? I put out feelers in some rabbit communities, facebook groups, reddit, twitter, etc... The feedback was good so I took a leap of faith, starting ordering products, & built a website.

I had 6 people sign up that first month: May 2016. In 2023, we have over 1500 customers & 4 of those original 6 subscribers are still with us.

BinxBox started as a side project for me & grew into not just my full-time job, but also my partner & 2 other part-time employees. I could not be happier knowing my time is spent making other pets & their owners have a strong bond & a more fulfilling connection.

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