About BinxBox


BinxBox is dedicated to providing safe, fun & high-quality treats, toys & supplies for house rabbits. We started with a monthly subscription box in 2016—now expanded to include our new BinxBox Store!

Bunnies can be particular about their space and their snacks, and they're always seeking new distractions and stimulation. While pet stores have lots of goods that are marketed for rabbits, some of them are actually for other "small animals"—and can even be harmful to rabbits. We give you and your bunnies peace of mind by finding you safe supplies from trusted sources.


We're based in Rhode Island and are the proud owners of James and Valerie (pictured above), two rabbits adopted from Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue. They have brought us so much love and happiness, we want to pay it forward to all the other bunny-lovers out there!

We know that giving your bunnies a good life and home is endlessly rewarding. Let BinxBox help out!